v20 Firmware Issued for N95 8GB NAM; When it Rains, it Pours

Hot on the heels of the N95 NAM, the N95 8GB NAM has just received a firmware refresh courtesy of Nokia. The changes? You guessed it; just about the same as all the other v20 firmware out there, although N95-4 owners already had much of the functionality N95 NAM users had been waiting for. After a false start of sorts last month we have to wonder if the N95 8GB NAM update wasn’t delayed until one day after the N95 NAM update in order to avoid the public outcry that would have ensued. In any event, start backing up your 8GBs and get ready to have a blast manually reinstalling all those apps! The speed and performance improvements brought about by v20 firmware should make it worth your while though. We just wish Nokia could nail the updating thing already. The process should be a 10-minute cake walk, not a 4-hour endeavor…


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