Swap HD DVD Players for Blu-ray Players at Circuit City

If there’s one thing HD DVD players are good for these days, it’s promoting creativity. Finding something to do with your now-a-big-hunk-of-doorstop is great for exercising your cerebrum, but not so great for watching new HD movies. If you’d like to try the latter, watch some new HD movies that is, then Circuit City may be your friend. You won’t find this program advertised anywhere, but there is a bit of solace for Circuit City customers who have purchased an HD DVD player within the past three months. Take your box-O-useless back over to your local Circuit City store and you will be given a credit for the entire purchase price of the unit. The credit can then be applied towards the purchase of a new Blu-ray player. You can also opt for a Circuit City gift card if Blu-ray isn’t your thing. What does Circuit City plan to do with all of those HD DVD players? Hold open a hell of a lot of doors we would imagine…


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