Public Pools Might Never be Safe Again

Next month at CES 2008, Liquid Image will be displaying what is sure to become an instant favorite among perverts around the world. The Digital Underwater Camera Mask is a pair of goggles equipped with a center-mounted camera capable of recording video or capturing still images. Initial details dictate that the camera is waterproof up to 15 feet and supports hands-free image capturing. It comes with 16MB of internal memory and an SD slot will support up to 2GB of additional storage. Three versions of the mask will apparently be available; two are referenced on the Liquid Image site (1.3-megapixels and 3.1-megapixels) and a third 5-megapixel version has also been reported. The goggle lenses display cross hairs to assist with framing and LEDs indicate the current capture mode. It looks like upskirting will have some new competition come January…


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