Wal-Mart pulls Superbad from it's shelves

Wal-Mart, everyone’s favorite mega-retailer, has done the unthinkable, pulling one of the year’s most popular DVDs from its shelves. They made the decision to remove Superbad from its stores in Hawaii due to the item’s promotional packaging that includes a novelty fake ID from the state of Hawaii. The move comes after Honolulu’s Mayor, Mufi Hannemann, made a public statement in expressing his unhappiness with the fake IDs. Apparently he lacks faith in the ability of local merchants to distinguish between a fake ID sporting a hologram that changes the name from “McLovin'” to “Fogell” depending on the viewing angle. Whatevz. No word on whether the studio plans to release a special “Hawaii” edition package sans driver’s license, but in the mean time we smell a burgeoning black market opportunity in the South Pacific…


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