Google updating Adsense to reduce fraud

Little changes make big waves, we suppose. Google has made subtle change to its Adsense online advertising service, apparently in the hopes of eliminating and / or reducing the amount of inadvertent clicks that lead to skewed stats and click-through rates. The company has altered Adsense ads so that only the text links embedded within the content boxes are clickable. Up until now, the box itself functioned as one large link. This led to significant numbers of mis-clicks, with consumers either clicking on the wrong ad, or sometimes selecting ad content when intending to click on a hyperlink that resides outside of the ad box. While false clicks and even outright click-fraud can’t ever be completely eliminated, we’re glad to see Google taking preventive measures, even if they’re nothing more than protection against future litigation. Little changes, right Google? I guess we’ll see that eCPM drop any day now…


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