Home Depot loses laptop with personal info for 10,000 employees

Yes, it’s true. Home Depot, one of the nation’s largest home improvement stores, is in a heap of trouble. A laptop containing personal information for over 10,000 of their employees has turned up missing in Massachusetts. The computer was apparently sitting on the front passenger seat of a car belonging to one of the company’s regional managers. Thar car was broken into; laptop gone. The computer contained the names, social security numbers, and home addresses of thousands of Northeast employees. Home We’re-in-deep-crap is refusing to say whether or not the data was encrypted. We’re guessing that’d be a no. To the company’s credit, they immediately contacted the 10,000 affected employees, and offered free credit-monitoring services to ensure that identity theft doesn’t take place, but this seems like a small comfort in light of the potential damage that this loss could cause. We’d say we’ll stop going to Home Depot, but Lowe’s is just so shady…


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