We just got a little update for all you out there waiting on the upcoming T-Mobile Shadow. Here’s what we heard…The T-Mobile Shadow is actually going to be a brand, just like how T-Mobile has the Sidekick brand. There will be a Shadow II, possibly even LEs. The device is marketed to twenty-somethings who might have outgrown the Sidekick, but still want to stay connected and in touch. It’s called "The Official Phone of Fun." The actual launch for it will take place on October 31st, and it should retail for $149 after a $50 mail-in rebate after a two-year agreement. Awesome pricing! T-Mobile has been in a tizzy lately with new data plans, so why should this be any different? They’re on track to launch a $9.99 unlimited email plan, just like the BlackBerry, but for the Shadow. We heard the plan will actually launch about a week before the device does. On the tech side: Windows Mobile 6 Standard with an "exclusive" interface that takes advantage of the scroll wheel / d-pad, Wi-Fi, yet no UMA support, a 2 megapixel camera with no flash, and a spring-assisted slider like the T-Mobile Wing. Inside the device, we’re looking at a TI OMAP 850 201MHz processor, 128MB RAM, 256MB Flash, a 240×320 screen, and a 20-key keypad that uses predictive text. Colors we reported we also on track, with Brown and Sage Green gracing the color spectrum here. We were told the Sage Green looks a little feminine, so watch those colors when you’re picking up your brand new T-Mobile Shadow, fellas.