HTC TyTN II/Tilt/Kaiser brings Bluetooth printing to the table

Well, well, well. What do we have here? It seems that HTC, not content with dropping the hottest and most anticipated Windows Mobile device this side of the planet, has decided to surprise everyone and drop in a hidden feature or two. A “Print via Bluetooth” option has been added to the Messaging menu. This will presumably allow users to print off an email, document, or other text by way of a nearby Bluetooth-enabled printer. Pretty gnarly! This would lead us to believe that the Windows Mobile 6 ROM that ships with the TyTN II, has a modified or updated Bluetooth stack that allows for OTA printing out of the box. To make things more interesting, chances are good that this isn’t the only feature yet to be uncovered. Now if only an American carrier would release the friggin’ thing…


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