HTC TyTN II Unboxing

The HTC TyTN II is probably one of the most anticipated Windows Mobile devices to ever be released. Does it live up to the hype? In short — yes! Talk about a tech lover’s dream, this thing has everything. From a quad-band EDGE/tri-band UMTS/HSDPA radio, to integrated GPS, 3 megapixel camera with auto-focus, 400MHz processor, full QWERTY keyboard, tilting slide out screen, Bluetooth, WiFi; the list goes on and on. In our opinion, this Windows Mobile device is a masterpiece. It’s comfortable to use and hold, extremely fast, and offers as much as we could want and have come to expect in a WinMo device at this time. With AT&T rumored to be getting it soon, the TyTN II should be very well received by customers in the USA, and around the world.

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UPDATE: Just a few more general impressions from the device…When I reviewed the pre-production model I found that the connection would completely drop and would cause the device to start searching for a network from scratch. I didn’t think anything of this and thought it was due to the not final ROM. It appears the same thing is happening and after some tests I think I know why. The device does switch from EDGE to 3G pretty well sometimes, but it looks like that’s the issue. If I manually set the bands only to WCDMA, or only GSM, it will never drop a connection and lose signal. I’d expect a ROM update to resolve this soon. Also…BlackBerry Connect is awesome on here! It completely syncs OTA to your BES server and works flawlessly. Absolutely poops on Activesync in my opinion. I did notice that it slows the device down a bit which is unfortunate. Anyone got a TyTN II out there and experiencing the same things?

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