What a big day it is for Nokia! The Finnish company has really gone and done it this time, dropping a crazy assortment of handsets, services, and new features. The company dropped two versions of the N95, one with 8GB’s of internal storage, and one with…wait for it…support for American 3G! We knew it was coming, but it’s still nice to know that our hopes have been answered. The Nokia N81, also sporting 8GB of internal storage (but no support for American 3G), is being positioned as a high-end gaming phone, complete with support for Nokia’s brand new N-Gage software solution, which should now allow anyone with an Nokia running Symbian S60 to jump on the N-Gage bandwagon. It comes complete with "community-based" gaming, downloads, and more. The company also dropped the XpressMusic 5310 and 5610, which are both mid-level, media-centric handsets. Oh, and they also dropped an online, download-based music store. Phew!