Wireless file transfer coming to the BlackBerry?

That’s certainly what one analyst seems to think. According to the Globe and Mail, RIM is working on a bit of software that should allow BlackBerry users to wireless transfer files from their home computers to thei handheld devices. Media files, data, documents, and more are all fair game. The exciting part? The software actually accesses RIM’s backend architecture, providing a direct connection between your computer and your phone, sans any sort of cable or Bluetooth, a la RIM’s BES server. Pretty dope, right? It seems that RIM is, once again, targeting the media junkies here in an attempt to cool-ify their phones. Again, this is just a rumor, so we have no further info on drop date, pricing, or anything of that nature, but rest assured that we’ll fill you in as things become a bit more clear. Now if RIM could only speed up the EDGE limitation on most of our BlackBerrys…


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