Those that have Playstation 3’s have probably also delved into the world of TiVo, or at the very least, some DVR that you got with your sat or cable service (I hate you, Comcast.) So, while the need to have your PS3 record TV isn’t a necessity, it is definitely one of those additions you’re not going to say no to. Announced on Thursday with a potential "early 2008" launch, PS3 users will be able to record their favorite TV shows, and then wirelessly transfer them to their PSP.  Pretty sweet, right? At this point, it’s Europe-only. A Sony rep told PC World, "We have no announcements at this time regarding DVR/PVR capabilities for PS3 in North America." Doesn’t mean it won’t happen, but it’s difficult to even speculate when they won’t even throw you the rumor bone.