Thanks to AT&T’s latest handset pricing sheet, we’ve nailed down some information on the BlackBerry 8820, Motorola RAZR V9, and some new Motorola V3xx colors, too. First things first, the BlackBerry 8820 will effectively replace the current BlackBerry 8800 on AT&T. Pricing hasn’t changed since first reports, clocking in at a whopping $549.99 to buy the handset outright. Motorola’s new flagship phone, the Motorola RAZR 2 V9 also bears a hefty no contract price of $519.99. After you digest the first two tidbits, have a gander at the Motorola V3xx — looks like they’re launching two new colors for it. Platinum red, and platinum pink. Want to take a gander at the whole doc? Of course you do! Hit it below.

AT&T Handset Pricing [PDF link]