The boys in Bellevue, WA must be getting a bit nervous and trying to drum up some business the old fashioned way…word of mouth. Good ‘ole T-Mobz is currently offering a $25 referral credit to any current subscriber who brings a new member into the fold. Haven’t they been doing this for years, though? How sweet. It’s a pretty straightforward process, too. There’s a link on T-Mobile’s home page that brings you to a form allowing you to set up and print your very own T-Mobile referral card. Simply enter your T-Mobile phone number, full name, your friends name, and hit submit. Voila! $25 is yours for the taking. Keep in mind that the money will show up in the form of a service credit applied to your account, but there doesn’t appear to be a limit to the number of referral credits a person can accumulate. We suppose an enterprising young man or woman could have a field day with this. Any takers?

UPDATE: Just as BG thought, T-Mobile has always offered this to customers. Hey, does it hurt to remind people sometimes?