Yeah, you heard it here first, folks. Barring any unforeseen roadblocks, T-Mobile’s 3G UMTS network might be launching within the month. How do we know this, you might ask? The Samsung t639, that’s how. The t639, set to drop on September 10th, is T-Mobile’s first 3G equipped handset offering. The phone sports a 1700 MHz UMTS radio, allowing it to access the fastest data network ever offered by the boys in Pink. The phone itself is pretty standard mid-level fare, sporting a megapixel camera, Bluetooth, microSD slot, and more. When a highly anticipated network revision is on the line, however, the details don’t seem to matter as much. There is a possibility that T-Mobile will launch the phone prior to launching the UMTS network, enabling high-speed data a bit later down the road, though. That said, there have been "early-fall of ’07" 3G launch rumors around for quite some time now, so were guessing this means that all systems are pretty much good to go. Welcome to the party, guys. It’s been lonely here without you.

Thanks, tmophonehome!