If you’re anything like me, you’re bumping up against your 2.82 GB limit in your Gmail inbox. Just shy of 3 gigs sounds like a lot, but attachments eat up more storage than Nicole Richie on binge mode. Yikes! Thankfully, Google has been kind enough to expand their Gmail storage capacity. The catch? You gots to pay. The pricing scheme breaks down as follows:

  • 6 GB $20/year
  • 25 GB $75/year
  • 100 GB $250/year
  • 250 GB $500/year

The 6 GB seems to be the most appealing and cost effective way to stack up your storage…anything more and you start to wander into "too-expensive-land." Even so, it’s nice to see Google working to improve the service for the power users out there in need of a few extra gigs.