Yeah, we definitely brought you the Hands On! scoopage before but, it’s always nice to unbox a retail model. Build quality has improved tremendously, and the coloring of the back portion of the phone is a little darker and in our opinion looks a little sharper. The JUIX OS is speedy like always (we love the system sounds and clicks) and EDGE browsing full HTML sites provides just enough satisfaction. Well, at least compared to other Motos. We wouldn’t dare compare it to the you-know-what, though. Finally, the packaging — it is so over the top that we couldn’t not comment on it. Remember the Motorola V3i boxes where you slide out one side and the other side slides out too? This has sort of the same effect once you open the main box you’ll find a smaller box inside. That smaller box slides open and "flips up" so to speak, the Motorola RAZR 2 phone. Kinda’ nifty. Check out the pics in our gallery!

Thanks, CTI NYC!

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