Well, Just Blaze and I need your help. We’re looking for someone to hack the iPhone for us and manually change the "reply-to" address in Yahoo! mail. Note: This has to be done from the default Yahoo! setup menu on the iPhone and not the custom mail setup so our push email (if you can even call that push email) will still work. For all you dummies out there, let’s say Just’s Yahoo! email address is justblaze@yahoo.com, when someone emails that email address and it is delivered to the iPhone and he responds from the iPhone, he needs it to say it’s from a custom email address like xyz@xyz.com. It does not have to be an additional field in the setup area, it can be a manual hack that we have to install. First person to make this work gets $500 via PayPal, a personally signed gift from Just Blaze himself, and an appearance on our next BGR TV episode (pending you are in the New York area).