Dubious survey: 70% of Zune owners plan to switch to iPhone

Take this with a grain of salt, as the source (as well as the survey results) is a bit suspect. That being said, we wouldn’t be shocked if this was at least close to the truth. A new survey released by “Eagle Research Group” indicates that at least 70% of current Microsoft Zune users are looking to swap their DAP for a shiny new iPhone. Psh, that’s it? According to the study, 36% of current Zune owners also say that they would have never jumped into “The Social” if they had known that Apple was on the verge of dropping the most hyped device this side of the Personal Computer. The legitimacy of the results aside, one thing is for sure: Apple is crushing the competition right now and all of their competitors, from Microsoft to Asian knock-off manufacturers, are scrambling for a response. You know, real innovation right? Not “3 years” to stick a camera in a BlackBerry…


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