Sprint leaves Nextel behind

What the heck is it with cellular  companies merging, changing names, re-changing names, and changing names again? AT&T, we’re looking in your direction. The latest culprit is Sprint Nextel. The two companies merged in 2005, combined logos, stores, and essentially operated as a single carrier. They continued to function autonomously when it came to actual equipment and networks, but from a marketing perspective, they were the same entity. It seems, however, that Sprint hasn’t benefited as much from their association with the Chirp-Chirpers as they expected, opting to leave Nextel out of their new marketing campaign. Sprint has also removed any reference to Nextel from their uber-popular NASCAR sponsorship logos.  Sprint is certainly the least savvy of the large carriers, but this move sounds like a good one. And no, don’t worry (or rejoice), Nextel isn’t going anywhere. At least not yet…


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