Google Docs busts out folders

Google’s online interface has always been a hate it or love it type of situation. They’ve taken a completely unorthodox approach to organization, choosing to bypass traditional folder trees in favor of a labeling and search system. Some people love it more than Tony Soprano loves women, while some hate it about as much as Coca-Cola hates Pepsi. In a move that is sure to appease the non-believers, and bring some new users into the “fold,” Google has just announced that they will be adding folders to their Docs & Spreadsheets application. An answer to a prayer? Perhaps.The entire app has gone under the knife, but the other changes are purely cosmetic. Labels still abound, but this way you can rely on traditional folders if you so desire. It looks great, but begs the question “What about Gmail?” I hope it comes soon, as my darn inbox is a freaking mess at the moment…


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