HTC Advantage gets docked

The HTC Advantage is one of HTC’s most innovative devices, combining the convenience of cell radios and connectivity with the portability of a UMPC form factor. It’s no HTC Shift, but what it lacks in speed and features it more than makes up for in portability and wireless connections. What could make it better, you ask? A dock, of course. The HTC Advantage dock gives you USB port replicators, allowing you to attach a USB keyboard and mouse. It also includes a VGA output jack for days in the office, and props the screen up at a very pleasant viewing angle. Could this be the true mobile bloggers dream? Probably not, as it’s still a bit basic for our tastes, and Windows Mobile 6 isn’t exactly the most advanced operating system out there. Even so, we wouldn’t mind acquiring a few of these for the days when the OQO is just a bit too heavy…


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