I’m not sure if the RAZR 2 still has a spell on me or not, but I couldn’t help but think, "too little, too late" when I started unboxing the Motorola maxx K3. It’s a nice phone, it really is. Yet, I don’t see the mass appeal. Keeping in mind it is a phone not meant for the US, I still just don’t have many good things to say. The fact companies still make tri-band handsets puzzles me, and Motorola has not made many improvements over the original KRZR here. 3G aside, it’s thicker, has a worse keypad, calls don’t sound as good compared to the original, and it has a weird feeling matte finish to it. I won’t keep beating on it forever, though. A couple improvements seen on the K3, were the speaker clarity and volume, a slightly larger external screen, and the hope that this will never come to America it’s build quality. Motorola ships when they announce now, right? I give the Motorola maxx K3, 2 out of 5 BGs.

Thanks, CTI NYC!

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