Nokia debuts media transfer client for Mac

The lack of native support between Macs and most cell phones is downright criminal. While Apple computers still only account for a small portion of overall PC market share, that percentage is growing exponentially. Thankfully someone (aside from Palm, that is) has been listening to the pathetic cries of disenfranchised Mac owners everywhere. Nokia has just released a beta version of their Media Transfer software for Mac. The software now allows Apple users to transfer photos directly from iPhoto, music and movies directly from iTunes, as well as applications and games directly to the handset. It’s still in beta, so their are a couple of functions that have yet to be implemented, like including support for calendar and contact syncing. Shortcomings aside, this is an amazing move and should prove to be a great asset to Mac owning S60 users everywhere. Now if only the rest of the industry would follow suit…


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