Amp’d mobile has 10 days to live

Amp’d mobile is in a world of trouble at the moment. The MVNO filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last Friday, thus beginning a string of chain reactions that could lead to subscribers’ service being terminated sooner than you know it. Verizon, the lifeblood of the CDMA-based MVNO, has given Amp’d 10 days to pay up or get off their network. They’re not demanding the full amount of the existing debt, but are asking for at least $4.5 million. What exactly does this mean? If you’re a current Amp’d subscriber, you might want to get moving quickly on finding a new service provider, as once Verizon flips the switch, chances are you will be left in the dark. The good news is that there’s a good chance you won’t be held to an ETF. Interestingly enough, the Amp’d website is still fully functional, and appears to be accepting new customers. It seems like they might want to pull the plug on this for now, unless they’re planning on offering 10 day contracts…


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