John Mayer loves BlackBerry, RIM loves John Mayer

Is RIM really in need of street cred’ so badly as to stoop to this level? The answer would appear to be yes. Reuters is reporting that the Canadian handset manufacturer is sponsoring Mr. John Mayer’s upcoming North American Summer tour. The tour catalog shall include hits such as “Your Berry is a Wonderland” and “My Stupid Pearl”. All jokes aside, this is a revolutionary marketing move considering RIM’s traditional ad campaigns that target boring people doing boring things. The impending release of the BlackBerry Curve certainly has the company trying some new things. RIM, as well as AT&T, will have significant presence at Mayer’s upcoming shows. They’re installing kiosks that allow concertgoers to experience the BlackBerry Curve, BlackBerry Pearl, and other handsets. While it’s not clear whether these kiosks will give people the opportunity to sign up for service, it seems like a logical assumption. Way to get all hip, RIM. We’re behind you 100%. Next time just please pick someone better. I heard Kanye was interested…

[Via Reuters]

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